Assist WELL stands for Welfare, Employment, Livelihood and Legal Assistance.

Originally conceptualized for repatriated OFWs from crisis/emergency situations pursuant to relevant alert level systems, the program was expanded to gain back the Filipino workers overseas and reverse out migration by enhancing their skills and providing them with the option to stay in the Philippines to work for better-paying jobs or to set up a lucrative business at home. Such is the case of household service workers (HSWs) in Hong Kong who passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) under Assist WELL SA 'PINAS IKAW ANG MA'AM/SIR! project. The project is open to domestic workers and other OFWs in many parts of the globe i.e., Qatar, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Thailand. 

In general, the Assist WELL program aims to ensure the successful reintegration of OFWs into their family, community, and local economic mainstream.

Specific to SA 'PINAS IKAW ANG MA'AM/SIR project, it aims to re-train HSWs on the skills set needed for the Teacher 1 Position in DepEd, get hired in their hometown and get out of plain domestic work.

Apart from teaching positions in DepED, these returning OFWs may opt to work in non-teaching and other occupations in both government and private sectors that are available in the Philippine labor market.