The Women REACH (WR) Program was incepted in pursuit of a better framework to allow our return women OFWs to cope and start their reintegration in the country. Specifically, “DOLE and Coca Cola Phils agreed to put in place enabling mechanisms that can potentially help women OFWs explore possible economic opportunities when they come home.”

The VISION is economic empowerment of return women OFWs through providing an integrated intervention in starting up alternative livelihood within the country.  The integrated model includes are:  entrepreneurship training + access to start up assistance + access to microfinance + access to a pool of business coaches.

The COMMITMENTS under the program is that  Coca Cola Phils will co-develop with DOLE a full training and learning course on entrepreneurship including its Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Tools for impact measurement as well as help build a pool of trainers.   DOLE, in turn, will popularies the modules. 

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between DOLE and Coca Cola Phils for the implementation of Tier 1 or the inclusion of qualified OFWs in the Coke- TESDA STAR Training and Tier 2 was signed on March 2016.

The Women REACH program is in line with the Coke global campaign to economically empower 5 million women by 2020 (5by20).  And since it zeroed in on economic reintegration, the OWWA NRCO worked closely with Coca Cola Phils in the development of the standardized entrepreneurship modules.

To ground the module development, Coca Cola conducted a Baseline Study in 2016.  The OWWA NRCO coordinated the focus group discussions with women OFWs in NCR, RO 7, RO 12, and RO 4A. 



In photo: Training Needs Analysis with returned women OFWs- Balik Pinay, Balik Hanapbuhay availees from Region 4A.


A major finding is there is a need to bring back the confidence of our women OFWs who have been through distressful situations prior to provision of entrepreneurship intervention.  Thus, empowerment is the focus of the Women REACH Module 1.  While Module 2 tackled personal finance and Module 3 explores the business idea generation and business start-up. 


In photo:  Women REACH Training Design.


In 2017, the 1st draft of the WR Modules was created.  Through the guidance of OWWA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac, the modules were tested in the Migrant Workers and other Overseas Filipinos Resource Center of POLO Kuwait.  A team from Coca Cola Phils joined OWWA NRCO in Kuwait and administered the trainings to 90 OFWs in the POLO care center.  Learnings from the test prompted the Kuwait Team to simplify the modules.  Thus, the modules were recalibrated and simplified. 


In photo:  Women REACH Training for 100 women OFWs in Kuwait.


In 2018, inputs from potential OWWA trainers were also gathered during the Training of Trainers between June- August to inform the module development.

Currently, there are 80 trained officers to administer the Women REACH modules.


In photo:  Training of NRCO Officers on Women REACH Entrepreneurship Modules last June 2018



In photo:  Training of OWWA Officers on Women REACH Entrepreneurship Modules last August 2018

The Women REACH Entrepreneurship modules were rolled out to 24 returned women OFWs from Taguig last 21- 24 November 2018. 


In photo:  Local rollout of recalibrated Women REACH Modules for 24 returned women OFWs from Taguig. 

On December 7, 2018, in line with the OFW month celebration, the Coca Cola Philippines formally handed- over the modules to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.


In photo:  Formal Turn-Over of Women REACH Modules on 7 December 2018